"Deerly Bearloved"

by Piney Woods - SASS 29887-L


Time to get some fresh meat for the larder. You spot a deer across the valley, but as soon as you put it down, a big ol' bear comes outta the brush to lay claim to the meat. Having missed all those Sesame Street episodes, and not knowing the meaning of the word "share", you ain't about to let that bear steal your vittles. You empty your Winchester into 'im, but he's still twitchin, so you draw your trusty six-shooter to finish 'im off.

5 pistol, 9 Rifle

Starting Position
Seated on horse, one strong-side safely holstered pistol loaded with five rounds.

Rifle safely staged in scabbard on horse, nine rounds in magazine.

When ready, say "Deer, bear, it's all good to me!"

At the buzzer, engage deer with rifle three times, then engage bear six times.

Make rifle safe and engage bear with five pistol rounds.





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