"Bearly Tolerable"

By Piney Woods - SASS #29887-L


You've moseyed away from the campfire to admire the sunrise over the next ridge. Bein' the practical feller that you are, you did take your rifle with you... just in case. You're hunkered down on a rock, takin' in the mornin', when you spot a big ol' bear on the ridge across the valley, just within rifle range. Bein' a con-a-sewer of bear meat, you decide to take 'im down.

You fire shot after shot, and that ol' bruin just doesn't fall over! After you've emptied your rifle, without any visible results, you take a closer look and realize that some joker has painted a likeness of a bear on a big old log. Feelin' like a regular yahoo, you spot a woodchuck. Thinkin' woodchuck stew might make up for no bear, you blaze away at 'im with your sixgun.

5 Pistol, 8 Rifle

Starting Position
Seated on rock (stump, stool, whatever...) with safely holstered strong-side pistol (No crossdraw holsters) loaded with five rounds.

Rifle safely staged on nearby tree (post, whatever...), eight rounds in magazine.

At the buzzer, remain seated and, using the rifle, engage the bear eight times.

Make rifle safe, stand up, and engage pistol target five times.





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