"Bonanza at the Tinhorn Buffet"

adapted from a stage by "Brasshopper"
Everglades Rifle and Pistol Club


You and your hands've been on the trail for three months, drivin' a bunch of ornery cows without any fit grub since the cook got snake bit. You're all hungry enough to eat a whole horse, even if it ain't cooked!

Some tinhorn fresh out from New York City has opened an "All-You-Can-Eat" buffet in town, and you've all put down your cash and've pretty much taken over the place. Just as you and your ramrod, Bart, are about to arm wrestle for the last chicken wing, the owner comes in and sees all his steam trays are empty and his profits have gone up in smoke.

He starts jabbering "Buffet closed! You go now! You go!"

You and Bart look at each other and say "He said 'All you can eat'!

Time to teach this New Yorker what that means! There won't be an unbroken dish in the place when you're done…

5+1 Pistol, 8 Rifle

Starting Position
Standing at left end of table, dinner plate in hand, safely holstered pistol loaded with five rounds.

Rifle safely staged at right end of table, eight rounds in magazine.

When ready, shout "You said it was 'All you can eat'!"

At the buzzer, move to the right end of the table, drop the plate on the table (not on the ground), and double-tap rifle targets, starting at the left.

Make rifle safe, pick up plate and move to the left end of the table.

Drop plate on the table and engage pistol targets P1-P1-P2-P3-P3, starting at the left.

Reload pistol with one round and engage the center pistol target (P2).





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