"Bust Out"
by Piney Woods - SASS #29887-L


You're surrounded by banditos, renegades, rustlers, and low-down varmints. Time to clean house!

16+ of shooter's choice

Starting Position
Standing behind table, facing downrange.

Shooter may use any guns desired, but no more than two pistols, one rifle, and one shotgun. All guns must be safely staged on the table. Once fired, guns are returned to the table.

Any rifle used may have no more than nine rounds initially in magazine, but may be reloaded at any time after the buzzer sounds.

Any shotgun used must be initially open and empty, but may be loaded any time after the buzzer sounds.

All ammo for reloads must be on your person to start, but may be placed on table after the buzzer. Any ammo that rolls off table is "dead".

When ready, say "Give up you buzzards, I've got you surrounded!"

At the buzzer, using whatever guns desired, sweeping from left to right, double-tap each target.
You must not move on to the next target until the one you're shooting at has been hit twice.

Running out of ammo before hitting all targets will be scored as misses for those not hit. This is not a procedural penalty.

Pistols may be reholstered with unfired rounds in the cylinder, as long as there is an empty or fired round under the hammer. Any rounds remaining unfired in either rifle or shotgun at the end of the stage may be ejected or removed before leaving the firing line.

One good thing about this stage is that, when you're done, you will have shot it "clean" (unless you run out of ammo)!





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