"The South Side of Chicago Creek"

by Piney Woods - SASS #29887-L


You've been shoppin' - gettin' supplies for your new spread just south of Chicago Creek. As you're leavin' the general store, you find the Capone brothers (all nine of 'em) waitin' out in the street.

Big Al, the meanest Capone of all, calls you, sayin' "We told you that the Chicago Creek was on our range, and we don't want nobody else out there. We aim to kick you off the south side of Chicago Creek… for good! And since the Moran boys control the north side, we figure you got no place to go. We're here to help you get goin' nowhere… fast!" And with that they start to draw their guns.

5 pistol, 8 rifle, 4+ shotgun

Starting Position
Standing in doorway, arms full of packages, safely holstered pistol loaded with five rounds.

Rifle safely staged on wall near window, eight rounds in magazine,.

Shotgun safely staged on wall near window, at least four shotshells on your person.

When ready, shout "You ain't gonna run me off, Big Al!"

At the buzzer, drop packages and engage each pistol target at least once.

Move to window and engage rifle targets twice each.

Engage shotgun targets twice each, alternating targets between shots.





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