"When the Chips are Down"

Based on a stage by the Pemi Valley Peacemakers


You're playin' Poker at the Red Dog Saloon with three patriotic strangers. (At least you think they're patriotic... they ain't said nothin' but one's dressed all in red, one's in white, and the third one's all in blue). A couple of their friends are hangin' around watchin' the game.

You've been doin' alright, and the cards've been pretty good to you all night. All of a sudden, Mr White up and says "Bud, your luck's a mite too good. I'm beginnin' to wonder about them cards."

Well, you don't take too kindly to such talk, so you toss in your hand and say "Deal me out, boys."

At that, Mr Red jumps up and yells "You ain't leavin' with our money!", and pulls his six shooter. The dance has begun!

5 Pistol, 6+ shotgun

Starting Position
Seated at table with a coffee can containing 15 poker chips (5 red, 5 white, and 5 blue) on the table in front of you.

Pistol safely staged on table loaded with five rounds.

Shotgun safely staged on second table, at least six shotshells on your person.

Without looking, pick five poker chips from the can and place them down in a row on the table in front of you. After they're placed, you can take a few seconds to look at them, but you can't rearrange them.

When ready, say "Deal me out, boys." The posse will respond (with enthusiasm) "You ain't leavin' with our money." (after which the timer will be started).

At the buzzer, using pistol, engage the red, white, or blue targets in the order corresponding to the color of the poker chips you've drawn.

Stand up and engage shotgun targets three times each, alternating targets between shots.





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