"Duck & Cover II"

by Piney Woods - SASS #29887-L


You've been trackin' the Jim Jesse Gang for several days. Plumb tuckered out, you decide to camp in the adobe ruins of the old San Teclaus pueblo.

When you wake up at dawn, you find that the gang's also camped there - just across the plaza! That's when the shootin' starts!

10 pistol, 10 rifle, 4+ shotgun

Starting Position
Standing one step back from center of wall, safely holstered pistols loaded with five rounds.

Rifle safely staged on wall between windows, ten rounds in magazine.

Shotgun safely staged next to rifle, at least four shotshells either on your person or on shelves on the wall.

At the buzzer, move to right window and Nevada Sweep rifle targets.

Move to left window and sweep pistol targets in either direction. Repeat, sweeping in either direction..

Move back to right window and engage shotgun targets twice each, alternating targets between shots.





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