"Chuck-a-Luck-a-Lead III"

adapted from a stage by the Pemi Valley Peacemakers


It's the last night before the big roundup, and while you're throwin' dice in the saloon, a couple of desperados call you out.

5 Pistol

Starting Position
Standing at table, safely holstered pistol loaded with five rounds, five dice in hand.

Throw the five dice and arrange them into any order you like. When ready, announce the order of the dice, then say "That's a winner!" (or something more appropriate, if you like)

At the buzzer, engage targets corresponding to the dice, in the order you've announced them.

NOTE: Targets corresponding to numbers not showing on the dice are considered "No Shoot" targets. Hitting any "No Shoot" is a ten second penalty. This is not considered a procedural penalty and you can get more than one on the stage.





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