"I Thought We Were in Trouble"
Butch & Sundance Match - Stage 5

by Wild Bill Blackerby

Butch & Sundance return to their old ways and, after robbing a mine payroll, they stop to eat in the closest town. Sitting at a table their pitiful meal is brought out but gun fire erupts - the local police captain has been alerted to who they are. They run for cover in a building but, low on ammo, Butch tries to get the extra guns and ammo left on their mules across the courtyard.

After a grand shootout by the Kid the two robbers fall back in the cover of the building, wounded. As they patch themselves up a detachment of the Bolivian army arrives. Upon hearing it's the Banditos Yanqui they surround the building to ambush them.

After discussing their next move - to Australia - Butch and Sundance slowly help each other up to make their get away. Pistols in hand they start for the doorway when Butch stops and asks the Kid "You didn't see Lafors out there, did you?"

"Lafors? No"

"Oh, good. For a moment I thought we were in trouble".

And with that they run out into the plaza - guns blazing ...

10 pistol, 9 rifle

Starting Position
Seated at table with two safely holstered pistols loaded with five rounds each, holding fork in one hand and knife in the other.

Rifle safely staged in scabbard, nine rounds in magazine

When ready, say "The specialty of the house and it's still moving!"

At the buzzer, stand and engage five leftmost pistol targets with one round each.

Nevada Sweep the rifle targets, starting at either end.

Make rifle safe on table and engage five rightmost pistol targets with one round each.


Note: Because the procedure states "five leftmost targets" and "five rightmost targets", you can use any number of pistol targets, as long as you have at least five.





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