By Piney Woods - SASS #29887-L


You're hunkered down on a rock, takin' in the mornin', when you spot a big ol' bear on the ridge across the valley, just within rifle range. Bein' a con-a-sewer of bear meat, you decide to take 'im down.

You fire shot after shot, and that ol' bruin just doesn't fall over! Finally, your eighth shot puts 'im down.

Before you kin get up to go skin 'im out, you spy a rattlesnake nest just down the slope from you. You hate snakes, and you empty your pistola at 'em afore you realize there's a mess of 'em to kill! Your scattergun'll be just the medicine those sidewinders need.

5 pistol, 8 Rifle, 6+ shotgun

Starting Position
Seated on rock (stump, stool, whatever...), safely holstered pistol loaded with five rounds.

Rifle safely staged on hay bale, eight rounds in magazine.

Shotgun also safely staged on hay bale.

When ready, say "Mmmmm, bear meat for dinner."

At the buzzer, remain seated and engage the bear eight times.

Stand up and engage pistol target five times.

Engage shotgun targets three times each, alternating targets between shots.





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