I B Badd
I B Jesse
I B Late
I B One-Eye
I Ben Ryden
I M Crossdraw
I M Heeled
I M Nobody
I M Riggs
I M Rolling
I M Saved
I P Lantem
I R Blind
I Reckon
I W Killum
I Will Ketchum
Iben Robbed
Icebox Bob
Icehouse Jake Morrison
Ida Hands
Ida Kno
Ida Mae Holliday
Idaho Bad Company
Idaho Coyote
Idaho John
Idaho Kid
Idaho Ranger
Idaho Running Moon
Idaho Sue
Idaho Wildcat
Idie Clair
Iditarod Hammergun
Iditarod Kid
Ifi'n Ida Shotbedder
Ignatius Guns
Ike "Shotgun" McCoy
Ike N Fixit
Ike N Flinch
Ike Pike
Ike Skidmore
Ill Will Armstrong
Illapah Red
Illegitimate Kid
Illinois Jim
Illinois Kid
Illinois Outlaw
Illinois Red-Eye
Illinois Tom Horn
Ima Darlin
Ima Keeper
Ima Peach
Ima Schofield
Ima Scream
Ima Sidekick
Ima Signer
Ima Sure Shot
Imis Twohofon

Indian Bob Coldiron 
Indiana Jan
Indiana Jim
Indiana Jones
Indiana Slim
Indiana Tom
Indy Annie
Indy Jack
Indy Kid
Infernal Combustion
Inita Nutherbullet
Injun Charley
Injun John Irontree
Injun Killer
Injun Ryder
Innocent Bystander
Insane Lucy Jane
Inside Streight
Inspector Abberline
Inspector Goold
Into Buffalo
Iona Gunn
Iona Vaquero
Iowa Lakota Rose
Iowa Madrid
Ira Grouch
Irascible Bob
Irascible Curmudgeon
Irene Adler
Irish Beaner
Irish Charlie
Irish Cowgirl
Irish Dan O'Shootem
Irish Dave
Irish Deadeye
Irish Don
Irish Dove
Irish Eyes
Irish Fitz
Irish Gal
Irish Jack
Irish Jack Clary
Irish Jack Mick
Irish Jade
Irish John Thompson
Irish Kid
Irish Lullaby
Irish Pat
Irish Red O'Toole
Irish Rich
Irish Rob
Irish Rose
Irish Spade

Irish Tom
Irish Willie
Iron Bear
Iron Belle
Iron Bullet
Iron City Sue
Iron Dove
Iron Duke
Iron Eyes Rudy
Iron Fist
Iron Gray
Iron Grizzly
Iron Horse
Iron Horse Hawkins
Iron Horse Pete
Iron Jack Rabbit
Iron Mike
Iron Mule
Iron Pony
Iron River Red
Iron-Eyes Rose
Iron-Head Kelly
Iron-Horse Joe
Iron-Horse Jones
Iron-Wheel Rick
Ironarms Chubasco
Ironeyes Wally
Ironhorse Idaho Bob
Ironwood Ike
Isaac Frady
Isabella Ringen
Isabella d'Ball
Isaiah Parker
Isaiah Wright
Island Girl
Isom Dart
Isom Kid
Isreal Precious Goldberg
Itasca Bill
Itchy Finger
Itty Bitty Storm
Ivery Keys
Ivory Ike
Ivory Jack
Ivory Jack McCloud
Ivory Kay
Ivory Kid
Ivory Thunder
Iza Cusserman
Iza Littleoff
Izzy Phast
Izzy Quick



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