U B Ducking
U B Mountain
U Beddor Duck
U K Dane
U S Grant
US Deputy Marshal Red Spencer
US Marshal Alec Kaden
US Marshal Blair
US Marshal Henry A Thomas
US Marshal J D Cook
US Marshal Justice Ferall
US Marshal Mamie Fossett
US Marshal Paden
US Scout
Ugly Bill
Ugly Coyote
Uinta Bill
Ulysses Aust

Uncle Billy
Uncle Bud
Uncle Chan
Uncle Chuck
Uncle Dale
Uncle Eyhan
Uncle Fuzzy
Uncle Grizzly
Uncle Hoss
Uncle Jim
Uncle Lar
Uncle Leo
Uncle Tee Kay
Uncompahgre Kid
Undercover Lady
Undertaker Michael
Unforgivin Hombre

Unholy Ghost
Unick the Wonder Mule
Union Belle
Unknown Hangman
Up Chuck
Up Erdecker
Uraxmus B Dragin
Usta B Kwik
Ustick Bill
Utah Billy
Utah Bob
Utah Carol
Utah Jake
Utah Rifleman
Utah Slim
Utah Star
Utah Vigilante



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