W B McLintock
W C Fargo
W C Hunter
W E Coyote
W F Holcombe
W H Harris
W Henry Plumer
W J L Sullivan
W T Slick Clements
W W Coldwell
W W Foxx
Wabash Cannonball
Wabash Woody
Wabuska Wolf
Wacko Kid
Waco Bill
Waco Bob
Waco Jake
Waco Johnny Lane
Waco Kate
Waco Reb
Waco Willy
Wadcutter Slim
Waddie Bill
Wade Garrett
Wade Hatton
Waggoners Fritz
Wagon Boss
Wagon Box Willy
Wagon Killer
Wagon Man
Wagon Thief
Waimea Paniolo
Waite Phorett
Walco Curly
Walker Colt
Walker Keeney
Walking Stick
Walks Fletcher
Walks With Horses
Wall Man
Wall Vieh
Wallaby Jack
Wallace Evans Knight
Wally Liley
Walt O'Reagun
Walter Durbin
Walter Ego
Wampum Goode
Wander N Star
Wandering Man
Wanna Colt
Wannabe Cowboy
Wapak Kid
Wapiti Jack
Wapiti Kid
Wapiti Pete
Wapiti Willie
Ward Bond
Warf Rat
Warren Quigley
Warthog Red
Wasatch Lawman
Washoe Billy
Washoe Kid
Wastin Lead Red
Watanya Cicilia
Waterloo Blue
Watonka Lawman
Watt Wajasay
Waubay Ned
Waxahachie Kid
Wayde Preston
Waylon Sparks
Weary Willie
Weaver Gal
Wee Belle Hickok
Wee Gordy
Wee Wah
Wee Willie
Weedy Sweedy
Weise Wolf
Weisse N Heimer
Well Digger
Welsh Larry
Weminuch Will
Wendy Laredo
Wes Durn
Wes T Slim
Wes Terner
Wes Texican
Wes Virginian
Wesley Colter
West Creek Willie
West Fargo
West Longer
West Side Kid
West Virginia Kid
Western Guy
Wewoka Bill
Wheel Hoss
Whiney Butt
Whiney Henry Yoho
Whip McCord
Whip Or Will
Whip Wagner
Whip Wilson
Whiplash LeSuit
Whiplash Whitey
Whiskey Bill
Whiskey Bob
Whiskey Creek Adams
Whiskey Eye Jack
Whiskey George
Whiskey Hayes
Whiskey Jim Sorrel
Whiskey Johnson
Whiskey Nancy
Whiskey Pickles
Whiskey River Nelson
Whiskey Row Kid
Whiskey Shanegan
Whiskey Trader
Whispering Dove
Whistle Stop Jim
Whistling Dick
Whistling Drifter
Whit Coolwater
White Buffalo Chip
White Dog
White Dove
White Gold
White Lightnin
White Lightning Jack
White Oak Drifter
White River Ray
White-Eye Jack
Whitehair Trigger

Whitey Diamond
Whitey McCall
Whittlin Roy
Who Me
Whoop-up Roy
Whooper Crane
Whorehouse Lefty Lee
Wichita Drifter
Wichita Easy
Wichita Gal
Wichita Griz
Wichita Lawman
Wichita Shootist
Wichita Wanda
Wichita Wendy
Wicked Felina
Wicked Pete
Wicked Red
Wicked Sister
Wicked Wanda
Wicked Wayze
Wicked Whitey
Wicked Willie
Wickenburg T
Widder-Maker Willie
Widow-Maker Man
Widowmaker Jess
Wierd Wood
Wigley Down Yonder
Wil D Bunch
Wilbur Rexroat
Wilburn Waters
Wild Bart Jones
Wild Bill
Wild Bill Achord
Wild Bill Blackerby
Wild Bill Briscoe
Wild Bill Cogburn
Wild Bill Collector
Wild Bill Diamond
Wild Bill Doolin
Wild Bill Elliot
Wild Bill Ellis
Wild Bill Harris
Wild Bill Hickok
Wild Bill Hill
Wild Bill Longley
Wild Bill McCrae
Wild Bill Montana
Wild Bill Munch
Wild Bill Stephens
Wild Bill Vermilion
Wild Bill Wilson
Wild Billy Potts
Wild Bird
Wild Bull
Wild Buscadero
Wild Charlie Bauer
Wild Colonial Boy
Wild Colt Kate
Wild Daisy
Wild Dick Memory
Wild Duck
Wild Earp
Wild Fire
Wild Gene Hickup
Wild Haug
Wild Horse Annie
Wild Horse Del
Wild Horse Hans
Wild John Scattershot
Wild John Whiskers
Wild Katte
Wild Man
Wild Mike
Wild Mustang
Wild Nick Billock
Wild One
Wild Phil Coyote
Wild Phil Hickup
Wild Philly
Wild Pike
Wild Rick
Wild River Rose
Wild Sage
Wild Shooter Rob
Wild Shooting Jack
Wild Shot
Wild Side
Wild Star
Wild T Hiccup
Wild Turkey Kidd
Wild Violet
Wild Wayne
Wild Wes
Wild West
Wild Wild Wes
Wild William Blake
Wild Willie Roy
Wild Wylie Bell
Wildcat Annie
Wildcat Calhoun
Wildcat Cobb
Wildcat Elly
Wildcat Kate
Wildcat O'Shea
Wildcat Wilkey
Wildcat Will
Wildcat Wilson
Wildflower Rush
Wildkat Mike
Wildman Luke
Wile E McNasty
Wiley G Haines
Wiley P Fox
Wiley Walt
Wilfred Wheatstraw
Wilhelmina Winchestertonsfieldville
Will B Dunn
Will B Hostile
Will B Ornery
Will Bison
Will Blastem
Will Bonner
Will Brigand
Will Bury
Will Cantrell
Will Craig
Will Cutler
Will E Shoot
Will Finder
Will Garrison Cooper
Will Hangem
Will Hangfire
Will Hanghigh
Will James
Will Kane
Will Killum
Will Kilya
Will Munny
Will Patch
Will Pickett
Will Quigley
Will Reilly
Will Ross
Will Sell It
Will Shootem
Will Shortly
Will Simeon Skinner
Will Slaughter
Will Tell Sackett

Will Thunder
Will Voris
Will Yates
Willa B Ornery
Wille B Fast
Willhebe Lynchd Withchester
William "Dutch" Roberts
William "Six" Gunn
William A A Wallace
William B Smith
William Barclay Masterson
William Bradford Waddell
William Bruce
William Clarke Quantrill
William Darcy Williamson
William DeMoney
William F Coyote
William G Nelms
William Ironhorse
William J LePetomane
William Kit Carson
William Marks
William Munny
William T L'Argent
William Tompkins
William Waddy
Willie B Fast
Willie Dye
Willie Earp
Willie Gitum
Willie Montana
Willie Poker
Willie Turner
Willie Two-Step
Willie Winchester
Willimantic Kid
Willing N Able
Willow Wisp
Wills Point Pete
Willy B Jiggered
Willy B Shakin
Willy Bear
Willy Fire
Willy Hang
Willy Noshow
Wilton Wilder
Wily Yankee
Wimpy Hank Yoho
Winchester Jack
Winchester Jim
Winchester Wade
Wind Drifter
Wind Horse Rider
Windy Beans
Windy Bob
Windy City Joe
Windy City Kid
Windy Gale
Windy Willows
Winfield Coldiron
Wingem Wib
Winnemucca Mike
Winnie Chester
Winola Kid
Winona Kate
Winsome Dove
Winston Bode
Winston Dawg
Winston Dawg's Mama
Winterville Will
Wire Paladin
Wirecutter Ash
Wiregrass Willie
Wise River Bill
Wishbone Hooper
Wistful McClintock
Withlacoochee Slim
Woe Nellie
Wolf Bait
Wolf Bane
Wolf Creek Gus
Wolf Jollymore
Wolf Kelly
Wolf of Washita
Wolf Rider
Wolf River Jack
Wolf Singer
Wolf Wind-Walker
Wolfgang Mountain Man
Wong Way Angel
Wood Butcher
Wood Eye
Woodbury Bill
Woodcreek Jake
Wooden Frog
Woodrow Hawken
Woodrow Nickels
Woodrow Spearman
Woodrow the Wild Frenchie
Woodson Settlemire
Woody Shootem
Wooly Woody
Wooster Whiplash
Worm Killer
Wounded Knee Floyd
Wounded Knees
Wrangler Jane
Wrangler Jones
Wrangler Red
Wrangler Rich
Wrangler Ron
Wrangler Royce
Wray Gray Fox
Wretched Excess
Wrong Arm
Wrong Hand Ray
Wrong Way Wright
Wurtha Million
Wyandotte Kid
Wyarno Kid
Wyatt Burp
Wyatt E
Wyatt H Ristl
Wyatt Jesse Turner
Wyatt Leadbelly
Wyatt Mox
Wyatt West
Wylee One
Wylie Harp
Wymore Wrangler
Wynn Chester Colt
Wyoming Drummer
Wyoming Ed
Wyoming Jade
Wyoming Snake
Wyoming Thunder
Wyoming Wannabe
Wyoming Wildflower



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