Y Knot Plugum
Ya-Ya Loretta
Yahoo Delirious
Yakima Bob
Yakima Canutt
Yakima Kid
Yakima Red
Yakima Stubbs
Yampa Jack
Yancey Derringer
Yancy Jack Derringer
Yank MaChain
Yankee Belle
Yankee Doll
Yankee Jack
Yankee Marshal
Yankee Outlaw
Yankee Red
Yankee Redneck
Yankee Z
Yazoo City Gal
Yella Cat Jack

Yellow Bear
Yellow Creek Johnson
Yellow Dog
Yellow Hair
Yellow Horse
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose of Texas
Yellowhouse Jake
Yellowhouse Sam
Yellowrock Zeke
Yellowstone Adams
Yellowstone Bill
Yellowstone Rick
Yellowstone Slim
Yellowstone Vic
Yesiree Bob
Yidders Shinderbinz
Yodelin Jessie
Yohah Grey
Yokel Kid
Yosemite Gene
Yosemite Jim
Yosemite Kid

Young Blood Kid
Young Deadlee Headlee
Young Gun Lyle
Young Marshall Cobb
Young Parker
Young Puck
Young Rider
Yucca Flats Roy
Yugo Babe
Yukon Charley
Yukon Cornelius
Yukon Jack Hammer
Yukon John
Yukon Marshal
Yukon Mike
Yukon Pat
Yukon Rose
Yuma City Kid
Yuma Jack
Yuma Jay
Yuma Kid
Yuma Leadslinger
Yuma "Too Tall" Charlie
Yusta B



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