Piney Woods' Place
Cowboy Action Shooting®

The Unusual Suspects
"Posse Pravus"

Piney Woods

Griz Henry

Sled Dog Man
(with Holy Terror)

Wild Bill Blackerby
(with Winston Dawg)

Ida Mae Holliday

Driftwood & Patience Johnson


Miss Addy Tude

Iron Pony

Cowboy Spanky

Sixgun Swanzey Slim

Sixgun Sweetie

Camarillo Brillo

Long Suffering Wife

Killer Bunny

George Silver

Iron Horse Pete

Chicken Wing

Rose Thorn Magee

Tazzmainian Kid

Single Rose

Chelsea Kid
& Emma Goodcook

Books Magruder

Betty Cocker

Chuck Would

Dan Fugly
(no photo yet)

Saguaro Jack

Toledo Kid

Capt Morgan Rum

Miss Delaney Belle

Dan Diamond

Weaver Gal

Silverado Cid

Dazzlin' Deb

Larson E Pettifogger

Etta Mae

The Blue Ridge Ranger

Wylie Harp & Birdie Cage

Belle Evans
Future Inductee




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